Natalia Kotowska

Mental health Counselling

As a licensed mental health counsellor and someone who has worked on my own mental health issues, I understand that mental health is a crucial component of overall wellness. My mental health counselling services are designed to support you through life's challenges and help you achieve a balanced, fulfilling life. Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, stress, burnout, body image issues, eating disorders, or just need someone to talk to, I'm here to support you.

Anxiety can take a significant toll on your daily life. My counselling services provide you with effective techniques and strategies to manage and reduce anxiety, helping you to regain control and peace of mind.
Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted? Burnout & stress can affect anyone. I offer support and guidance to help you recover from burnout, restore balance, find ways to manage stress and develop strategies to prevent burnout and stress.
Struggling with body image issues or eating disorders? As someone who has battled with body image and an eating disorder, I help you develop a healthier relationship with your body and food. I provide a safe, supportive environment to explore these issues and work towards recovery.
General mental health support is crucial for overall well-being. Whether you’re dealing with depression, relationship issues, or other emotional challenges, I’m here to listen and help you navigate your feelings and find solutions.

My Counselling Services

I understand that each person is unique, that’s why my sessions are tailored to your individual needs and circumstances, ensuring you receive the most effective support possible.
Online & in-person available

For Individuals

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One-on-one private counselling provides everyday men and women from busy parents & professionals to carers and caregivers with a tailored approach to help you work towards meaningful & lasting personal growth.
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For Partner & Groups

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Partner & Group Counselling

My partner and group sessions allow participants to explore common challenges, while benefiting from the collective wisdom and support of their peers. This setting fosters personal growth, enhances communication skills, and provides a unique opportunity to connect with others on a similar journey toward emotional well-being.
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For Young People

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Counselling for Young People

My mental health services for young people are specifically designed to address the issues faced by teens and young adults.
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