This weekend is more than just a date in the calendar or time off to me. It’s a time for reflection and renewal and regardless of our faith and beliefs, we can all agree that any time we can reflect and renew our personal growth and wellness is time well spent.

It’s all too easy to get caught in a relentless cycle of activity and stress that introspection and rejuvenation can get neglected, but taking time out and creating the balance is not just beneficial; it’s essential. By dedicating time to self-reflect, we can identify areas of our life that need attention or change, contributing significantly to our mental health and in turn our physical health. Regular self reflection can help increase self-awareness, reduce stress and become better problem solvers.

Taking time for yourself might seem like a treat or even a luxury, but it’s actually a real need we all have. Our bodies and minds aren’t machines; they need to recharge once in a while. And by recharging, I don’t mean just laying on the couch all day watching Netflix (although sometimes, that’s great too!). What I’m talking about is truly investing some time into activities that make you feel re-energised and rejuvenated! As a mental health counsellor and personal trainer, I like to encourage everyone to do things that help refresh you both in body and mind and actively doing things that keep you healthy and happy.

Adopting a lifestyle that values and incorporates reflection and renewal isn’t always easy and it requires us changing how we view and prioritise our time. Reflection and renewal look different for everyone, what gets one person into their zen zone might not work for another. Some find peace in solitary activities like reading or gardening, while others may find it through social connections and community activities. Find what works for you, turn it into something you can regulary do and be present.

By giving ourselves the gift of time to reflect and renew, we can embrace a more balanced and fulfilling life. Remember, the journey to better health and happiness is both an inward and outward adventure – one that requires us to pause, ponder, and press the reset button with intention.

Here’s to a nice long weekend, with, fingers-crossed some good weather and a commitment to making reflection and renewal a cherished part of your life.