Natalia Kotowska

FitLife Show Episode 2 with Dr Audrey Tang | The relationship between mental and physical health

In this episode we will speak very openly about how important is to maintain healthy body in order to keep healthy mind. We will speak about the connection between healthy eating, exercising, mental stability and how physical activity can helped to overcome negative feelings towards our bodies. We will discuss how physical strength can help us to grow our mental strength.
We will have a guest speaker – Dr Audrey Tang who is Chartered Psychologist and Author of The Leader’s Guide to Resilience and “Be A Great Manager – Now” with a focus on practical self-improvement. She is the resident psychologist on The Chrissy B Show and a presenter and wellness advocate on Disruptive TV. She also broadcasts self-development podcast “Retrain Your Brain” where she focuses on an effective practical self-improvement tools for personal and professional success.

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Listen to this episode here.